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Why travel to France?

Can we travel to France and take an exotic trip? Before starting my crossing of France on foot, I had the intuition but I didn’t imagine how this trip to France would be the most beautiful of all my trips. Here are the 6 good reasons to visit France and some ideas for getaways for a weekend or more to discover its regions.

  1. Visiting France is traveling to the most beautiful country in the world

For years, France has been the world’s leading tourist destination. People envy the Eiffel Tower, Mont-Saint-Michel, and the Loire castles. They come to ski in the Alps, bask in the beaches of the Côte-d’Azur, taste the French art of living … Everything the world envies is there, right before our eyes. It would still be a shame not to take advantage of it, right?

  1. Discover French regions as new destinations

Take an exotic trip to France! Of course, it is possible! You can find everything in France. Reliefs worthy of the Mongolian steppes (welcome in Cézallier), valleys drowned in thicker fog than in Scotland (welcome in Creuse), forests as far as the eye can see with the false air of Canada (welcome in Morvan), d ‘ancient volcanoes, some high peaks, islands, turquoise blue waters … On the choice side, there is only the embarrassment!

  1. Rediscover regional gastronomy

Discovering the gastronomy of a country, for me, is one of the most joyful aspects of the trip. As such, a stay in France is an absolute must. Local products, regional specialties, local wines and barrels, alcohol from behind the fagots … We rediscover the iraty ossau in the Basque Country, the Armagnac in the Gers, we are surprised to love the farçou and to take apple cake of land… Shopping has never been so pleasant. For the balance, exercise! The hiking trails are made for that …

  1. For its inexhaustible network of hiking trails

More than 60,000 kilometers of hiking crisscross the French countryside and mountains. Some such as the GR20 (the great crossing of Corsica), the GR10 (the great crossing of the Pyrenees) or the GR65 (the Camino de Santiago de Compostela from Puy-en-Velay) have gained international renown. Others, more confidential, allow you to discover the regions of France on foot by following marked and maintained routes. By the day or over several weeks, hiking is one of the best ways to travel in France in immersion and closer to the territories.

  1. Make friends that you can see again

Maintaining a friendship thousands of miles away? Personally, I never succeeded. Distance is the tragedy of all friendships linked to the other side of the world. In France, on the contrary, your new friends are within the train or car range. For a weekend and a country getaway, you’re back together to pick up the thread of your discussions. Thanks to my trip to France, my circle of friends has grown and I hope to be able to cultivate these new friendships for a long time.

  1. Because you speak the language

Speaking a foreign language can be part of the charm of the trip. There’s something fun about being understood by gestures or drawing when you don’t have any other language. But when it comes to expressing specific ideas, having a real conversation with nuances, or – worse – humor, language quickly becomes a barrier. Spending your holidays in France allows you to stay within the same language community without restricting points of view. Viewed from Occitania, Brittany, the Alps or Provence, France offers different visions. With the added bonus of the flavor of the accents and the different expressions specific to each region.

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