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Business travelers have been traveling more with a rise in transportation, cost, and time efficiency. In the process, they are on a lookout for a space that is private to work and a feel of a home. One such fast-growing business traveler-friendly space is serviced apartments. If business travel is looking for long term stay for work but yet have his or her privacy and feel at home, this fits the bill right. This home space is what is drawing Business travelers to selecting serviced apartments.

Serviced apartment- what are they?

A serviced apartment can be placed into a category of long term stay hotels, boarding homes, apartment homes, and similar spaces. These apartments offer comforts of a hotel while keeping your private area to you for an extended stay. This is why it is getting more sought after by business travelers.

Some of the Primary Reasons Why Business Travelers Are Choosing Serviced Apartments?

Cost efficiency

The stay term will get you cheaper deals in service apartments as compared to hotels. You will be able to save on served meals by cooking on your own. There shall be no additional bills on drinks, meals, laundry, mini-bar, and extra services, which usually add up on your hotel stay. You can opt for an apartment with certain bedrooms that offers privacy, based on the people opting for accommodation. It saves on your bills of individual rooms while traveling with colleagues.


A stocked kitchen in a service apartment can break the limitation of a hotel with a kettle and a coffee brewer. You can prepare your meals and save on costs and hygiene. You have the comfort and choice of eating out or dining on a homemade meal.

Unwinding Space

Post-meeting, a serviced apartment gives you an unwinding space. Get into your bed comfortably and snuggle in is available even in a hotel, but then there’s nothing much to do after this. You may be annoyed by the hustle of the corridors or housekeeping staff and so on in a hotel. While a service apartment can add up to your recreation like sitting in a lounge, make something or cook something, and so on. You have some added space to walk around in relief. It is similar to your home space. You have your comfort zone.


A serviced apartment is more spacious than a hotel. You have your kitchen area, a space to watch TV, sleep in a bedroom, and inclusive of the primary benefits of a hotel.


You can plan your day and prepare a schedule to your liking. Being in a hotel, you may have hotel times to dine in and run by their rules of time. Being in a serviced apartment offers you freedom of time and cost. Housekeeping times may interfere with your sleep in a hotel, but in an apartment, you can plan your day out at your leisure.


The quality of a serviced apartment is maintained equally high as a good hotel. They ensure standard furnishings, furniture, linen, totally equipped kitchen, washing machine, TV, broadband, and so on that are equally high in quality as of a good hotel.


Owing to the benefits stated above, business travelers are drawn to choosing a serviced residence. This gives them flexibility and comfort of enjoying a home space, privacy, and quality for the long term at cost-effective prices.

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